Popular Radio Stations in Pakistan

Radio Pakistan is the oldest existing broadcasting network of Pakistan. It is the national public broadcaster of Pakistan that was founded on July 23, 1927. But it was established on 14 Aug 1947, following Pakistan’s independence from Britain. It is serving the world wide AM news services, FM 101 (MUSIC), and FM 93.

Here is list of the most famous radio stations in Pakistan:

FM 101

It is a commercial FM radio station and its network of 18 FM radio stations is spread in almost 8 different cities in Pakistan. Radio Pakistan started transmissions concurrently from Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi on 1 October 1998. It broadcasts Free-to-air content in the cities of Pakistan. Its transmissions are available on Asia sat 3 and the internet web too.

Contacts and details: 

City Islamabad, Mirpur
Airdata  kHz
Old frequency 104.00 MHz
Current Frequencies FM 101.00 MHzAsia sat 3s 4091MHz
Network Radio Pakistan
Operator Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation
Format Entertainment, News, Music
Owner Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation
Language English and Urdu
Sister station FM 93 Pakistan 
Licencing authority Entertainment
Website http://www.fm101.gov.pk/

FM 101 Mirpur

FM 101 Mirpur was founded in 2009 as a mix-up of infotainment and Entertainment. It covers a wide range of areas of Azad Kashmir and entertains the people 24/7 a week.


Opening announcement /Tarana5.40 AM
Haya-alal-flah5.45 AM
Mangla kinary7.10 AM
Hello Mirpur 9 AM to 11 AM
Man mela 12 PM to 4 PM
Sham se pehly4 PAM to 6 PM

Contacts and details:

Channel name FM101 Mirpur 
City Cities of Azad Kashmir 
Frequency 936 KHz, 101.4 MHz, 93.4 MHz 
Parent organisationPakistan Broadcasting Corporation
Language Urdu, Pahari, Gojri, Kashmiri
Mision To inform and educate people 

Awaz Radio 105 FM

Awaz Radio FM Is the most listened to channel in Pakistan, particularly in Punjab. Its journey was started in 2003 by establishing the 1st channel in Gujrat. After that, it expanded to many other cities in Punjab. It provides people’s entertainment, infotainment, and educational content through the strongest art FM Stereo Transmitters.

Contacts and details:

Channel name Awaz Radio 105 FM
Registered office Islamabad Street No 30, House No 302 F-11/2
Regional office/ Corporate officeIslamabad 
Telephone 051-8317617
Email Info@radioawaz.com.pk


Samaa FM 107.4

Samaa FM has been broadcasting multiple programs since 2012. Most of its important programs are Samaa rise, radio classic, Quran recitation & Azan, devotional and music.

Contacts and details:

Email digital@samaafm.com
Phone +111-872-622


FM 100 Pakistan

Fm 100 Pakistan was founded in1994 but it was properly established in 1995 on 23rd March. It is the 1st radio channel that is providing 24/7 live entertainment to the public of Pakistan. Different programs related to Pakistani/western music, sports and the latest hit movies are cast daily in nine different cities.

Official Websitehttp://fm100pakistan.com/
Email info@fm100pakistan.com
Phone+92 512344265

Dhamaal FM 94

Dhamaal FM 94 is located in Faisalabad and broadcasts their multiple programs in 3 different languages Urdu, English, and Punjabi 24/7. Their main programs are related to news, talk shows, interviews, and many other informative contents.

Official website: https://radio.net.pk/dhamaal/