The Development of Radio


Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi developed the idea of ​​radio in the 1890s. His idea turned the dream into reality in 1895 when he sent a wireless code message to a source more than a kilometer away. He continued to work on his new invention, and finally in 1897 he received an official British patent for radio – which was truly a wireless telegraph system at begin with. Marconi was actually the inventor of the radio. There is no doubt that such technology was being worked on in Russia and America these days. Marconi made the right political and business connections, achieving the first real success with this invention. By 1900 he had four competing wireless networks.

In 1919, Marconi’s assets were sold to General Electric and with it the Radio Corporation of America, which gave birth to NBC Radio – led by former Marconi employee David Sarnoff – was formed. . A new boom of radio began, now people considered it indispensable not only for receiving news and entertainment programs.

World Changes Due to Radio

In the heyday of the 1920s when radio was at its peak, people went crazy buying radios, creating business and social structures. Taking advantage of this, universities started offering radio-based courses. Churches began broadcasting their services. Newspapers started to spread their news more with radio broadcasts.

Its growth can be traced to the fact that by 1922 there were 576 licensed radio broadcasters and the regular publication of radio broadcasts had begun. There will be a living thing.”

Broadcasting For Radio In Pakistan

It was started in the name of Pakistan Broadcasting Service on 14 August 1947 at the time of establishment of Pakistan. The first announcement made on Radio Pakistan was the independence of Pakistan from Britain on 13 August 1947 at 11:59 PM. This fortune was achieved by Mustafa Ali Hamdani who announced in Urdu and English from Lahore, while Abdullah Jan Mazloum announced in Pashto from Peshawar.

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